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The criteria of the best law firms in Egypt

To be the best in your field, this is neither easy nor impossible while it is a mediator between it, which in turn needs to exert much effort to achieve this objective which represents in how to be a leader in your field and acquire the largest share of the market. This also in turn [...]

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Competition criteria of law firms and how to benefit from them

Competition is one of the challenges which any company in any field may face which quickly become a problem if not dealt with properly, which includes studying your competitors and thinking about how to overcome them so, to overcome your competitors you must be distinguished in your field whether in providing services or dealing policy [...]

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Discover the services of law firms in Egypt

No doubt, that the law is indispensable as each of us is subject to law in various matters, whether in the field of work or public life so, there is a need for law specialists to handle these matters , this shows the importance of law firms , which are competent in their turn to [...]

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The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

CISG, the Vienna convention, which is the UN convention on contracts for the international sale of goods, the CISG is a treaty that is a part of the international sales law, the CISG is considered to be one of the most successful uniform laws as it has been ratified by about 89 countries. The CISG [...]

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Introduction about Incoterms

Incoterms stands for trade Terms that are key elements of international contracts of sale. Incoterms tell the parties of such contracts what to do with respect to carriage of the goods from buyer to seller, in addition to the clearance of export & import. Incoterms also explain the division of costs and risks between the [...]

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Importance of a Corporate Lawyer

When you decide to be an entrepreneur and establish your own business, or when you try to expand your established business, you will be facing several challenges and risks that you would need to protect your business from and one of these many risks is the legal and litigation risk, the laws are always changing [...]

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