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Consortio Law Firm

Our highly professional team are able to provide detailed both local and international advice and are able to connect with other foreign firms & advisers as well as collaborate with them
We work with market leading firms from around the world as a single united team.
We are able to connect international legal teams to meet our clients’ needs and guarantee our clients effortless access to outstanding legal services anywhere in the world.
Over many years, we have handpicked highly skilled lawyers and worked with our preferred independent advisers all over Egypt. Our lawyers & advisors are chosen to fit with the areas of expertise typically required by our clients, as well as our values, approach to fees and client service standards.
Our approach is founded on three core principles:
• Clarity – seeing clients’ challenges in their full context requires a profound understanding of the relevant businesses, markets and jurisdictions. We believe this depth understanding cannot be replicated, but it can be shared
• Flexibility – we build specific teams according to individual issues and requirements and increase effectiveness by putting the right minds in the right place at the right time. This flexibility gives our clients the highest quality advice possible
• Transparency – it all starts from being transparent with ourselves and then it expands to our clients. Being transparent is our way to earn our clients trust and that is invaluable for us.

Out-of-Court Consulting
Out-of-court consulting is our day-to-day business. Providing our clients with early on with far-sighted and comprehensive legal advice that proficiently accompanies their business decisions is significantly cheaper than engaging resources in extensive damage control measures later on. Our approach is to tackle problems before any legal conflict gets out of control or proportion. Consider us your outsourced legal department and talk to us early enough so that we can assist you successfully in avoiding trials in court.

Our values
Our work is based on the following principles, which we also demand from our cooperating partners & consultants:
• Integrity
• Liability
• Transparency
• Efficiency
• Highest quality of legal advisory work and all the other services
• Reasonable Fees
• Continuing Education
• Respectful treatment of clients, opponents, business and cooperation partners
• Commitment to the community.
We live these values daily, because we are convinced that they are indispensable to the successful practice of law. The positive feedback and long-time loyalty of our clients are clear evidence that businesses and organizations seeking legal and tax advisory services share our values.