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No doubt, that the law is indispensable as each of us is subject to law in various matters, whether in the field of work or public life so, there is a need for law specialists to handle these matters , this shows the importance of law firms , which are competent in their turn to carry out such matters efficiently and to the fullest and which is increasingly important for companies in view of what companies face in the field of work, whether problems related to the production process and its sources, workers or suppliers, especially in the import and export operations. In addition, it is even more important if we talk about international companies or foreign investors in a country and the potential problems it faces in this country is what summaries the role of law firms in providing legal services which are delivered in a high standard of professionalism to its clients.

What is a law firm?

What is a law firm

What is a law firm

A law firm is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to practice law ,the primary service offered by law firms is to advise clients (individuals or companies) about their legal rights and liabilities and to represent clients in civil or criminal cases, business transactions and other affairs in which legal advice and other assistance are sought.
Services offered by a law firm in Egypt
The Office presents a full range of legal services to a wide variety of multinational companies working in Egypt in addition to local companies as following;
– Arbitration
-Banking Law
– Anti-Trust Law
– Bankruptcy
– Corporate Law
– Collection of Bad Debts
– Commercial Law
– Commercial Registry
– Construction Agreements
– Criminal Law
– Establishing Companies and Foreign Branches
– Employment Law
– Environmental Law
– Franchise Agreements
– Gas Station Concession & Lease Agreements
– Hotels Management & Lease Agreements
– Hotels Concession Agreements
– Intellectual Property Law
– Litigation
-Maintenance Agreements
Multinational law firms
Law firms which are operating in many countries often have complicated structures including multiple partnerships, particularly in jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Japan which restrict partnerships between local and foreign attorneys. One structure largely peerless to large multinational law firms is the Swiss Vermin, pioneered by Baker & McKenzie in 2004, in which multiple national or regional partnerships form an assembly in which they share branding, administrative functions and varied operating costs, but maintain separate revenue pools and often separate partner compensation structures. Other multinational law firms works as single global partnerships, such as British or American limited liability partnerships, in which partners also participate in local operating entities in varied countries as required by local regulations.
Mergers and acquisitions between law firms
Mergers, acquisitions, division and reorganisations happen between law firms as in other businesses. The specific books of business and specialisation of lawyers in addition to the professional ethical structures surrounding conflict of interest which can lead to firms splitting up to pursue different clients or practices, or merging or recruiting experienced lawyers to acquire new clients or practice areas. Results often vary between firms experiencing such transitions. Firms that acquire new practice areas or departments through recruiting or mergers that are more complex and demanding (and typically more profitable) may see the focus, organisation and resources of the firm shift dramatically towards those new departments. Conversely, firms may be merged among experienced lawyers as partners for purposes of shared financing and resources, while the different departments and practice areas within the new firm keep a significant degree of independence.

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